Relations Name (rishton, sambandhiyon ke naam) in Hindi Sanskrit and English - Chart, List, Table

In this chapter you will know the names of Relations Name (rishton, sambandhiyon ke naam) in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. We are going to discuss Relations' Name's List & Table in Hindi, Sanskrit & English. In this page we are listed Relations Name in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. Hindi Relations Name (rishton, sambandhiyon ke naam) is very important up-to 5th standard and above. Relations Name (rishton, sambandhiyon ke naam) is the most important topic/lesson for your child. So these are the Relations Name in Sanskrit, Hindi and English:
Relations Name (rishton, sambandhiyon ke naam) in Hindi Sanskrit and English - Chart, List, Table

Family Relations Name (rishte, sambandhiyon ke naam): Hindi Sanskrit and English – Chart, List, Table

# English Hindi Sanskrit
1. Son’s wife (daughter-in-law) बहु or पुत्र की पत्नी पुत्रवधूः
2. Father पिता or बाप पिता
3. Mother माता or माँ माता
4. Paternal Grandfather दादा पितामहः
5. Paternal Grandmother दादी पितामही
6. Maternal Grandfather नाना मातामहः
7. Maternal Grandmother नानी मातामही
8. Great Maternal Grandfather परनाना प्रमातामहः
9. Great Paternal Grandfather परदादा प्रपितामहः
10. Great Maternal Grandmother परनानी प्रमातामही
11. Great Paternal Grandmother परदादी प्रपितामही
12. Brother भाई भ्राता
13. Sister बहिन or बहन स्वसृ
14. Cousin (brother) चचेरा भाई पितृव्यः-पुत्रः
15. Cousin (sister) चचेरी बहिन पितृव्यः-पुत्री
16. Real Brother सगा भाई सहोदरः
17. Brother’s wife भाभी भ्रातृजाया
18. Elder Brother भैया or दादा or भाईसाहब ज्येष्ठभ्राता or अग्रजः
19. Younger Brother छोटा भाई कनिष्ठभ्राता or अनुजः
20. Sister’s husband बहनोई स्वसृपतिः
21. Elder Sister दीदी or जीजी or बहनजी ज्येष्ठभगिनी or अग्रजा
22. Elder Sister’s husband जीजा आवुत्‍त:, भगिनीपति:
23. Younger Sister छोटी बहिन कनिष्ठभगिनी
24. Son बेटा or पुत्र पुत्रः
25. Real Son सगा पुत्र आत्मजः
26. Daughter बेटी or पुत्री पुत्री
27. Real Daughter सगी पुत्री आत्मजा
28. Daughter’s husband (son-in-law) दामाद or जमाई or जमाता जामाता
29. Grandson (son’s son) पोता or नाती पौत्रः or नप्तृ
30. Great grandson (both paternal and maternal) पंती प्रपौत्र
31. Granddaughter (son’s daughter) पोती or नातिन पौत्री
32. Grandson (daughter’s son) नाती or नवासा or दोहिता दौहित्रः
33. Granddaughter (daughter’s daughter) नातिन or नवासी or दोहिति दौहित्री
34. Husband पति पतिः
35. Wife पत्नी पत्नी
36. Mother in Law सास श्वश्रूः
37. Father in Law ससुर श्वशुरः

Aunts and Uncles (rishte, sambandhiyon ke naam): Hindi Sanskrit and English – Chart, List, Table

38. Father’s elder brother (uncle) ताऊ or ताया तातगु
39. Father’s elder brother’s wife (aunt) ताई उत्क्रोशः
40. Father’s younger brother (uncle) या Paternal Uncle चाचा पितृव्यः
41. Father’s younger brother’s wife (aunt) या Wife of Paternal Uncle चाची पितृव्या or पितृव्यपत्नी
42. Father’s sister (aunt) बुआ or फूफी पितृष्वसा
43. Father’s sister’s husband फूफा पितृष्वसृपतिः
44. Father’s sister’s son फुफेरा भाई पितृष्वस्त्रीयः
45. Mother’s brother या Maternal Uncle मामा मातुलः
46. Mother’s brother’s wife या Wife of Maternal Uncle मामी or मायी मातुलानी or मातुली
47. Mother’s brother’s son (cousin) मामा का पुत्र मातुल पुत्रः
48. Mother’s sister मौसी or ख़ाला मातृस्वासा
49. Mother’s sister husband मौसा मातृष्वसृपतिः
50. Brother’s son (nephew) भतीजा भ्रातृजः
51. Sister’s son (nephew) भान्जा भागिनेयः
52. Brother’s daughter (niece) भतीजी भ्रातृजा
53. Sister’s daughter (niece) भान्जी भागिनेया
54. Husband’s elder brother’s daughter जिठोती -
55. Husband’s elder brother’s son जिठोत -
56. Husband’s elder brother जेठ ज्येष्ठभ्राता
57. Husband’s elder brother’s wife जेठानी ज्येष्ठा
58. Husband’s younger brother’s wife देवरानी or द्विरानी कनिष्ठा
59. Husband’s younger brother देवर देवरः, देवृ
60. Elder brother’s wife भाभी or भौजाई भ्रातृजाया
61. Younger brother’s wife बहू or भायों स्नुषा
62. wife’s sister साली श्याली
63. wife’s brother साला श्यालः
64. wife’s brother’s wife सलहज or सराज श्यालजाया
65. Husband’s Sister नन्द or ननद ननान्दा or ननादृ
66. husband’s sister’s husband नंदोई ननान्दृपति: or ननाणवईआ
67. Fiancee मंगेतर पति:
68. Wife’s sister’s husband साडू or सड़वाई -
69. Mother’s sister son’s wife द्विर -

Friends in Hindi Sanskrit and English – Chart, List, Table

70. Friend मित्र or दोस्त सखा or मित्रम्
71. Companion साथी सखा
72. Female friend of a female सहेली सखी
73. Neighbour पड़ोसी or हमसाय हमसाय
74. Female neighbour पड़ोसिन हमसाया
75. Traveling companion हमसफ़र हमसाय
76. Pal, buddy, friend यार मित्र:

Teachers and Students in Hindi Sanskrit and English – Chart, List, Table

77. Teacher गुरु or अध्यापक शिक्षक:
78. Teacher (A female teacher) अध्यापिका शिक्षका
79. Headmaster हेडमास्टर or प्रधानाचार्य मुख्य-शिक्षक:
80. Student छात्र or विद्यार्थी छात्र:
81. Graduate स्नातक स्नातक:

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